Not once, but through two pregnancies I had oppertunities to consult with Rosemary Beyer. Consulting with her was so empowering! She was able to share her knowledge about my pregnancy and birth. Rosemary also was a resource of  support. I needed to this so much to help my come to my full potential of confidence. I was able to make my own decisions regarding birth and really was ready for the experience our family was about to embark upon. I have such a love for Rosemary and the empowerment she provides to women, without even seeming to try! 

Jo C Wells, 
Mother of 2 beautiful children & Wife

   I am not sure if I can put into words the magnitide of gratitude we have for Rosemary Beyer. Because Rosemary is everything you could ever want in a doula, we just had to have her for both births! Rosemary has the ability to be empowering, motivational, calm, extremely intelligent, about everything pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding! Her clam, but strong spirit, helped in creating a safe environment for me to give birth in. This allowed for my husband to focus on supporting me so that I could focus on the miraculous work my body was doing!  She gave me information I needed while allowing the decisions to be my own as I listened to my body.
  She opened my eyes to trust my body.
   One of my favorite memories of working with Rosemary, was the day after I got home from the hospital. She payed me a house visit to see how I was doing with breastfeeding, and emotionally after birth. I told her I was painfully engorged because my milk had just come in.  Rosemary, (through her experience knew that was likely to happen) planned ahead and booked the home visit for this exact purpose.  I was miserable! Rosemary got right to work with towels and coconut oil in hand. She worked hard to massage and express milk from both breasts until they had softened and I felt relief from the pain. This took at least an hour!  If you've experienced engorgment, you know how much of a life line this was!
  Thank you Rosemary! You have halped us have the most amazing births!

Tiffany Anderson, Mother of 3 lovely boys & Wife